May and I first worked together when she asked me to design her daughter’s birthday invitations. When she mentioned she also needed a logo for her startup business, I offered to help create her brand.

May creates custom made dresses and dolls, which is very inspiring, because she puts a lot of love and effort into her work. The only inspiration for her logo is her daughter, Macy, and the dolls she made for her little girl.

macy's dollhouse
May’s handmade dolls and her daughter, Macy

From then on, the design development was easy because the focus of the brand was to make the logo iconic, by using her dolls as the main concept. Logo alternatives include one with a tagline and a horizontal orientation, which she can use as tags or stickers.

BRAND KEYWORDS: Pastel, Feminine, Youthful


Now, I’m happy that May’s brand has flourished into a full-fledged couture business, whilst still making lovely, handmade dolls. Please visit and like Macy’s Dollhouse on Facebook.