Glaiza and I go way back since college. We were dorm mates and practically sisters! So when she asked me to create a logo for her blog, I was sure there would be Pink here and there because she loves pink!

Glaiza already had a clear idea of what she wanted for her blog’s identity, she even had a pre-made Pinterest board for pegs. She preferred a text only logo – something handwritten, calligraphy style – so that it would be unique to her brand.

BRAND KEYWORDS: Feminine, Quiet, Empowered

There is a story behind this logo, and it all seemed coincidental too. When Glaiza and I met in Singapore (where she currently resides), and my family and I were visiting the country as tourists, she gave me her calligraphy starter kit which she rarely used. And when I went back home, I immediately enjoyed using it and eventually did drafts for Oh My Glai.

So, the Oh My Glai logo is my first ever, calligraphy logo, all thanks to Glaiza herself, who gave me her kit!


Please do drop by her blog,, which is eye-candy and oh so, very pretty!

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