Faye practices Occupational Therapy, she has a small sensory gym she uses in her practice – sessions involve a lot of sensorimotor/movement-based activities (e.g. child on a tire swing, on a platform swing, net swing, etc.) and also fine motor exercises. Together with other doctors, their clinic serves children with special needs (e.g. children with autism or with sensory processing disorders, children with developmental delays).

I felt so happy to take on this project for her, when she asked me to create a logo, most especially because it’s for children.

Her only request for the Achive Able logo is to have a play on the “E” and a icon of a happy, playful child. We tried a couple of icons – child on a swing and a child on monkey bars.

Earlier logo studies for Achieve Able

But Faye preferred the child on a zipline most of all. It was the ideal, active and playful icon we were going for.

BRAND KEYWORDS: Colorful, Active and Playful