Marge and I have been working together for quite a while now. She’d book me for graphic works from time to time, so when she asked me to help her with her branding, I felt flattered of course.

Marge started her passion project just last year. Having a Virtual Assistance career, she felt the need to de-stress once in a while, and realized her crocheting hobby to be a self-sufficient business venture.

“Everything is personal. That is my commitment to you. I will make each project with your happiness in mind. I want you to be truly satisfied with each item that you buy, and be proud to share it with your family and friends…”

~Marge (

Earlier Logo Studies


I admire how Marge turned her passion into a business with a heart – committed to make every product unique and exquisite. So those became the brand keywords for our logo project.

We had to go through quite a number of revisions, but finally had a winning design! I did not want to give up on Marge, and I’m glad she was so patient with the designs. The final logo was perfect for her and her venture: Simple yet Creative. Marge preferred the round shape with stitched edges and ribbon detail, and we went for a darker shade of teal and bright pink, inspired by her Cottonberry yarn.


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