Sometimes you just need to be with the right people at the right time.

They say when you’re somewhere you need to be or you’re destined to do something, chances are the Universe will conspire to put you in that place and time or give you the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

That’s exactly what happened when I joined the Get Blisstified workshop.

There came a point when I was pondering about my next step, career wise. I was happy being able to work from home while taking care of my kids, but was I satisfied? I’ve already shared a little backstory in my Welcome post. So then, I knew I needed to pursue my passion, which was Design. 

So now what?

One thing I learned from my Virtual Assistant and Marketing stint, is that I needed a mentor who could help me with my vision and direction. Because, let’s face it, sometimes you just need someone to give you that extra push to just DO IT, you know?

In comes Martine De Luna, who has been my personal inspiration when it comes to “finding your bliss” and “pursuing your passion”. I asked her if she had any workshops that I could join, and she recommended Get Blisstified, whom she was then co-hosting with life coach, Kimi Lu.

I even asked my bestfriend to join me, and coincidentally, we were probably the last ones to register and make it! What luck!

And we were both glad to able to join too. Despite the heavy rain and traffic on that workshop day, everything went extremely well for us. Now I won’t be a spoiler and tell you in detail what happened that day. Let’s just say, it was a day of inspiration, realizations, planning and goal-setting, bliss and overwhelming support from fellow passion pursuers. Let the pictures tell the story…

Me and Jomie at the registration
The workshop was held at Earth Kitchen, BGC, Taguig.
The venue was ideal for the uplifting experience we were about to face.
Fragrant soy candles c/o BC Scent Studio, which heightened the workshop experience to a sensational level!
Our coaches, Martine and Kimi
My partner, Lesley, who is such a creative soul! I’m telling you, it’s destiny we got to be partners!

DSCF5465 14494832_10153800245911990_1096055189166545349_n 14516317_10153797437116990_7199577196044276908_n 14457290_10153790806041990_4837759767988853272_n 14570478_10153800246611990_3134231888462613436_n 14519791_10153800245951990_1521536690660060345_n 14591806_10153797439636990_7048232390557204679_n DSCF5485 14523198_10153780233361990_3564844335888826700_n 14441181_10153780233901990_8605985056884611450_n 14573038_10153800248011990_338770965001457774_n

DSCF5493 DSCF5498 DSCF5492

Credit of the documentation and lovely photos goes to Myra Ho and Nico Belasco. Some photos are taken by me or are from my camera.

Thank you to the workshop sponsors: BC Scent Studio (@bcscentstudio) for candles, Eden Street (@edenstreet) for the stationery, Wishlist Studio (@wishliststudio) for journals, Grateful Jar (gratefuljarph) for raffle prizes, 360 Fitness for 1-week all access passes, and Little Whisk (@thelittlewhiskph) for the cookies.

So, here’s some wonderful news!

Martine and Kimi will again be having this unique workshop, not just one, but two days (a weekend and weekday)!

This is for anyone who wants to:

  • launch a project within 12 months (blog, cause, advocacy, new business, etc.)
  • begin a journey to self-improvement, self-care
  • get clarity on their business & accountability for their business goals for within 12 months
  •  … or simply want to clear their personal direction for 2017

I promise, this is totally worth it!

The Get Blisstified workshop is not just a one time thing, it’s a life-changing experience!

Martine and Kimi are the mentors you need to give you a clear direction of your goals to pursuing your passion project. There’s an awesome sisterhood support system too! If you feel lost or stuck, or if you need to refresh your perspective with your brand or business, or if you need a dose of bliss and positivity in your life, then this is the workshop for you.

You may read more about the first two here.

To reserve your slot: Kindly Viber/WhatsApp Kimi Lu: 09174930722