So hey! It’s the middle of the year already! Can you believe it?

Let’s all take a moment to pause and just breathe…

*deep breaths in and out*

So for the past month, I’ve been busy with some workshops and a couple of projects, and it has been a wonderful experience! Thank you Lianne ( for capturing these moments.

Boss Bellas - May 20 2017 - Photography by Lianne Bacorro (2)-697 Boss Bellas - May 20 2017 - Photography by Lianne Bacorro (2)-344 Boss Bellas - May 20 2017 - Photography by Lianne Bacorro (2)-734

My first ever speaking engagement was for the Boss Bellas workshop by Manila Workshops, where I got to talk about my life as a working mom and also about branding your business. I never really thought about it, but I guess sharing information is also a passion of mine, and might as well be my purpose.

I enjoyed the fulfillment it brought me, that I decided – more like a spur of the moment decision – to be a sponsor for the #GetBlisstified3 workshop too. I wasn’t physically present, but I sent the participants some inspo cards, and Martine also talked about my branding, along with the rest of the sponsors.

(By the way, you can also get your inspo cards when you sign up for the Passion+Purpose mailing list)

So¬†I’d like to share a couple of takeaways and insider information from those workshops, mainly to talk about Pursuing Passions and Defining your Personal Brand.

1. Always be open to and be ready for opportunities, and then OWN IT!

And if doesn’t present itself, don’t wait for it, CREATE IT! Go out there – you’ll never know who you’ll meet and if it leads you into a wonderful friendship or a solid collaboration. Shoutout to Ginger, Frances, and Mia. I’m so happy to meet you, whether by chance or intentional. The universe has it’s ways of bringing people together, trust me¬†on this!

And once you’ve put yourself on that path where you grow, connect, learn, and collaborate, you seize that moment¬†and then¬†OWN IT! Grab that opportunity with a firm hand and believe in the progress it will lead you to.

2. Passion and Purpose aren’t enough. You’ve got to have PLANS.

INTEGRITY in passion, purpose, and plans makes a strong brand. –¬†Frances, of

When you’ve established your passion and purpose, make ACTIONABLE STEPS into making them come true. And Frances also shares that:

When your purpose overwhelms you, remember your passion. When your passion wanes, remind yourself of your purpose. When your purpose and passion don’t make sense anymore, just follow the plan!


3. Building your brand is about telling YOUR story.

When you “brand” something, you are establishing your personality and creating an experience for your target audience. It’s not just about the WHAT, but also the WHO, WHY, and HOW of your product or service. Figure out your niche and establish rapport with your audience for them to remember you by.

‚ÄúPeople don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

4. Only YOU can activate your passion, and use it to define your brand.

True enough, only YOU can figure out your passion and activate it! You have talents and skills, but you need to figure out which one of those you love doing the most. And then build a brand around it! Let it grow to it’s highest potential!

5. Find a supportive COMMUNITY to help you.

The most important takeaway¬†from all this, is that having a supportive community behind you is the best kind of passion activator there is! Because sometimes, you can’t figure it all out on your own, and let’s admit it, we do need that EXTRA PUSH sometimes when it comes to taking a leap!¬†With Boss Bellas, I’m sure the fellow working moms learned from each other, because I sure did. And GetBlisstified has done wonders for me ever since I joined. Thank you Martine and Kimi!

So, what now? 

I thought, since I did the worksheets for the workshop participants, I figured I should do my own and share them with you too! This is an easy to follow worksheet that’ll help you kickstart your Passion and Branding.

Get started on your worksheet today!


Here’s to pursuing passions,

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